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Stay on the road with knowledgeable legal representation.  Driving plays a major role in your life, whether you serve as the family chauffeur or depend upon it for your livelihood.  When your license

is in jeopardy, Desmond J. Dutcher, Esq fights tirelessly to protect your way of life.

A lot riding on your wheels

From getting you to the office to getting the kids to school, you depend on your vehicle to take you to the places you need to go.


Attorney Dutcher works with you before, during, and after hearings to provide the best possible chance for you to maintain your license.  He can also help negotiate on your behalf, working to reduce or even eliminate any time your license is suspended or revoked for.

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Traffic law services:

• Deal negotiation

• DUIs

• DWIs

• Probable cause hearings and trials

• Public intoxication

• Refusal hearings

Don't lose your car.

Don't lose your freedom.

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